Why Businesses need ID Cards


10 / 2021

CCTV simply means Closed Circuit Television (another name for video surveillance), this means it uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, normally a limited set of monitors. In modern Ghana, CCTV cameras have become rather popular and are noticed in diverse places. From big to small supermarkets, banks and even highway traffic lights are slowly getting CCTV systems attached to them. Now, do you need one? That depends on;

If you have items of importance, which may cause you problems if you lose them and you can monitor them for twenty-four hours somehow, then you don’t need a CCTV system. However, the longer your items are left without any kind of security measures as insurance, the more likely you are to lose them.

Let’s look at some benefits CCTV cameras;

Theft and Malicious Activity Are Discouraged: A CCTV system of any kind creates a watchful eye effect (that feeling of being watched), but in this case, it’s rather a reality than a feeling. In such cases, any kind of theft is discouraged and bad behavioral practices are avoided since perpetrators know there will be repercussions. CCTV systems actually work so well that, even fake or nonfunctioning devices in many cases, can’t be differentiated from real ones, perpetrators also have no way of knowing if they work or not at that moment.